IDC Security Roadshow 2019

Организатор: IDC


This is the 16th edition of the IDC Security Roadshow, which takes place in 15 countries in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) regions. The main theme is: From IT Security, through Information Security – purely to Business Security. Technology is just one component of how we secure our organizations — processes are important too, as are architecture, people, policies, and governance. Data and information are at the heart of what organizations strive to protect, so in fact we are talking about information security. And once we frame the discussion in terms of digital assets and digital business, it's clear that what is at stake is business security.

It is designed as an information-sharing forum and networking platform for select groups of 70 to 120 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Security Managers from the top enterprises. Each year, we conduct surveys and collect feedback from our audiences, so the content reflects the biggest and most timely security challenges globally and responds to current needs of companies operating on the domestic market. The format of the event allows for in-depth discussions and engaging conversations.

Key Topics

Together with industry analysts, CISO delegates will address key challenges and explore issues around IT and cybersecurity such as:

How is digital transformation altering business and security?

How to harness AI, automation, and orchestration?

What cyberthreats are on the rise?

What is the impact of expanded technology reach?

Platform disruption — security innovation at scale

Risk – from insider threat to the NIS Directive