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With the purpose of continuous improvement of the professional skill and professionalism, we invite You to take the  part in training, on the courses, offered Academy of a Professional Training (APT) of the company "Unify ", with participation of the skilled trainer, chief of the educational centre of the company " INFOTEL COMMUNICATIONS LLC" (LLC " INFOTEL COMMUNICATIONS " – The Certified Training Partner for Open Communications Academy for Professional Training " Unify "), Doctor of Sciences Melnichuk Volodymyr:

OS4ADV1SCS - OpenScape 4000 - Advanced Course

Duration of the course: 10 days.

Language of the course: English.

Cost of the course: 3060 € for one person. This price includes only the cost of consulting services (trainings) and does not include accommodation.

 Also, we are informing, that our Educational Centre is the unique official Educational centre, authorized by Academy of Professional Training Unify (Germany).

For the participants will be given out the educational documentation, certificated by Headquarters APT Germany.

More detailed information of the  offered course  in 2020 you can find in our Catalogue of courses for 2020 (it can be sent on inquiry).

For your offers and inquiries we ask you to contact by  telephones or on e-mail: training@infotel.ua or melnichuk@infotel.ua

Contact telephones: office: +380 (44) 520-20-30, mob. +380 (67) 693-47-65

Melnichuk Vladimir

OpenScape 4000 - Advanced Course (OS4ADV1SCS)

Target group


Brief Description

OpenScape 4000 - Advanced Course for Service is a course for service personnel. The objectives are among others softwaretools for OpenScape 4000, procedures of maintenance and fault diagnostics and commission of a preconfigured system. After completing this course, the participant is among others able to administrate the preconfigured OpenScape 4000 System with administration and maintenance orders (AMOs), he can apply and administrate OpenScape 4000 features and he is able to eliminate faults and do maintenance.


  • Hardware
  • Refreshment
  • AMOs (Administration Maintenance Order)
  • Installation of Hardware
  • Installation of Devices
  • Administration of Features
  • Practical Exercises
  • Features
  • Local Key System
  • Advanced Features depending of HiPath Version
  • Practical Exercises
  • Attendant Consoles
  • Installation of IP Attendant Consoles
  • Night Options
  • Features
  • Practical Exercises
  • Trunks
  • Introduction
  • Protocol Variants (EDSS1, ECMA)
  • Numbering Plans
  • Practical Exercises
  • Local Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Structure of Node Numbers
  • Control Mechanism of Routing
  • Setup of S0 and S2M Central Office Trunks
  • Practical Exercises
  • Interfaces
  • LAN connectivity (RMX and UW7)
  • Hotfixes
  • Overview Software Supply
  • SW Supply of Hotfixes
  • WEB Tools
  • Maintenance Tools (WEB)
  • Practical Exercises
  • Backup/Restore
  • Backup/Restore via WEB and AMOs
  • Practical Exercises


The participant is able to:

  • Administrate the preconfigured OpenScape 4000 System with administration and maintenance orders (AMOs).
  • Knows advanced subscriber and trunk features.
  • Gains insights of the central settings of the OpenScape 4000 system.
  • Can apply and administrate advanced OpenScape 4000 features.
  • Is able to setup attendant consoles.
  • Is able to operate the tools for diagnosis and alarm management.
  • Is able to commission subscribers, devices and trunks.
  • Eliminates faults and does maintenance.
  • Knows the SW supply concept and is able to work with hotfixes.
  • Knows the enhanced Backup and Restore concept. 


  • Basic knowledge of Windows  
  • Course: OpenScape 4000 - Basic course (OS4BAS1SCS or HIP4BASICS)


Place of the trainings: Kiev (Ukraine)

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