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Blockchain CTO

Дата:2 Марта
Работодатель:Move On Miles
Требования:Create and manage product development roadmap, including recommending system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of different approaches
Design and develop blockchain architecture, dapp
Oversee and control the implementation of technical aspects of the platform including development, testing, release, support and maintenance activities of internal / external web appl ications using your preferred stack of technologies
Create a technical team composition and assist in the interviewing and hiring of potential candidates
Provide structure to development activities using SCRUM / Agi le methodologies
Lead a team of startup-minded people that wi l l write high qual ity code
Effectively manage and delegate tasks in order to reach KPIs
Квалификация:2+ years of blockchain appl ication development experience
Expert understanding and track record of completed projects using Ethereum, EVM or simi lar platform
Previous involvement, hands-on experience or advisor experience with ICO's is a plus
Extensive experience working with cryptographic protocols
Experience writing smart contracts and ERC20 Tokens
Perfect candidate has bui lt and released distributed appl ications, has worked with the Ethereum and/or Bitcoin blockchain, and has experience with Sol idity, Clojure, Serpent or simi lar tools blockchain-based platform that enables to convert real estate property into easy tradable tokens.
Контакты:Контакт: Юлия Рогинская
Телефон: +380509042803