Вакансии ИТ

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) (Blockchain)

Дата:7 Июня
Требования:Knowledge of information security: XSS, CSRF, VPN, SQL Injection;
To be familiar with Agile Software Development (Scrum);
Working knowledge of Docker;
Knowledge of server - less architecture;
Understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures;
Able to learn complex technologies quickly;
Certificates OWASP, CEH, OSCP.
Квалификация:Must have strong object oriented programming language background, preferebly C++, Go or Python;
Experience in working with Blockchain technologies;
Ethereum Virtual Machine;
Familiarity with using GIT;
Unix / Linux advanced user;
Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming;
Good knowledge of design principles behind a scalable application;
Architecture design skills;
Experience with Smart Contracts development using Solidity;
Knowledge of web servers, etc.;
C1 level of English.
Контакты:Контактное лицо: Iryna
Контактный телефон: +380663317624