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Head of sales (IT)

Дата:1 Августа
Работодатель:Do IT Programming Solutions
Требования:Generate leads and convert them into our customers;
Setup and effectively manage sales teams;
Plan, draft and implement effective sales tactics and strategies;
Develop and own sales processes, and inject appropriate business development efforts into them;
Shape out and execute sales plans;
Sieve tons of contacts and persons to find those capable of becoming leads and customers;
Be able to slip through guardians and get directly to decision-makers;
Shape out and route an effective sales pipeline for new projects and customers;
Effectively overcome common objections and know how to convert «No» into «Maybe» or «Yes»;
Keep customers records and manage their profiles;
Demonstrate true leadership skills and abilities and be a real example of efficiency for your teammates.
Квалификация:At least 2 years of proven experience in IT-sales operations;
Great leadership and management skills;
Excellent oral and written communication skills;
Strong interpersonal skills;
Professional knowledge of sales-related CRMs;
Proven record of team management;
Excellent English skills to communicate with foreign clients
Контакты:Контактное лицо: Станишевская Екатерина
Телефон: 0938495541
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