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Head of Technology Security

Дата:6 Августа
Требования:Define Specification of baseline security controls and operational policies to assist the organisation in making decisions (funding, staffing, R&D, testing, monitoring, etc. about what assets (tangible and intangible) to protect, by providing technical options as well as perceived asset value and threat probability.
Apply baseline security & Compliance controls, optimise and remediated secure configurations and policies on managed resources.
Define and implement Policy-based monitoring (active/passive, dynamic/scheduled) collection, filtering, aggregation, distribution, and retention of relevant data.
Define and Implement Policy-based assessment of collected/correlated data via monitoring for events or trends of threats or breaches. Analysis may apply correlation and other functions over the collected data to form a more complete and accurate picture of events and conditions
Define and Implement Policy-based detection of a possible incident or breach and gain an awareness and detect an anomaly - relative to expected results - and that a possible incident may be occurring or may have occurred.
Define and Implement Policy-based distributed notification of a probable incident or breach is occurring or has occurred.
Implement appropriate incident management practices in response to a Warning and will identify necessary Response & Recovery actions that may be required to repair damages incurred and/or to prevent further occurrences.
Define and Implement Response & Recovery process within the organization to apply solution measures, either individually or collectively as appropriate.
Квалификация:Team Lead/Management experience
Previous experience focusing on technology security
Fully technology delivery life cycle experience is a must (Consumer facing Web/App tech security experience in addition to corporate experience)
Telco industry experience desirable (wider industry experience is beneficial e.g. Entertainment, FS, Digital, Coms)
Industry standard qualifications - CISSP or CISA
Upper-intermediate level of English
Контакты:Контакт: Mariia Khymera
Телефон: +380968211714
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