Head of Technology

Дата:23 Июля
Работодатель:WePlay! Esports
Квалификация:at least 7+ years of software development experience;
of course 3+ years of technical leadership experience;
experience as an architect or in related positions;
understand of the principles of software quality assurance;
knowledge of software development principles and types of software architecture, methodologies and design of software, databases, API;
ability to evaluate software performance and compliance of software with technical requirements;
for your understanding our companies technical stack: Python, Java, PHP, Node.JS, React, Kubernetes, AWS, AWS lambda
ability and desire to quickly develop / learn, find and integrate new solutions and find the proper solution to implement it.
Задачи:be on the edge of technical means, integrate and implement technical innovations to WePlay;
develop Security, Stability and SLA in the company;
build a full-fledged R&D team that will develop new ideas, based on "Proof of Concepts";
oversee cost optimization of Development / Infrastructure;
control the efficiency and technical quality of WePlay products;
create, develop and implement policies / development standards in close cooperation with other units involved;
be open to new solutions / technologies, ready to adapt and develop in relation to current industry trends and to our fast pace environment.