Director of Operation & Organosis division\Керівник організаційного управління

Дата:7 Июня
Работодатель:Piraeus Bank ICB
Квалификация:Higher education (Economic/Technical)
CBS B2 operations experience or testing (min 3 year)
Knowledge of modules IFOBS, IS CARD
Knowledge of NBU legislation for correct displaying operations in B2
Attentive, communicative, good team player
Задачи:Control settings of products in the Bank’s system (testing of new products and modified current products)
Control for actuality operational methodology
Control for operational support
Control for testing banking systems
Improvements and optimization of internal banking processes
Banking products development
Preparing technical requirements for business tasks
Projects management
Participants in interesting Bank’s projects:
Business continuity planning (maintenance and improvements)
Online banking system
Electronic docflow system
Loan origination system
Integration CBS B2 with external databases (Youcontrol, government databases etc)