Security Analyst / Penetration tester

Дата:21 Июля
Квалификация:2+ years of experience in IT
At least a year of experience in information security (penetration tester, security analyst, etc.)
Solid understanding of the existing types of vulnerabilities and security threats
Familiarity with any existing penetration testing methodology (OWASP, WASC, OSSTMM, etc.)
Experience with specialized tools for manual and automated penetration testing (BurpSuite, ZAP, Sqlmap, Nmap, Metasploit, Nessus/OpenVAS, Wireshark, etc.)
Experience in developing your own auxiliary programs in any programming language
Familiarity with various technologies and architectures (Linux, Windows, Cisco, Active Directory, Java, .NET, etc.)
High level of motivation to work and develop professionally in software security
Good spoken English
Задачи:Analyzing security threats (applications and network infrastructure in general) to detect and eliminate potential vulnerabilities
Penetration testing using white/black box methodologies (including analysis of the application’s source code)
Informing clients about discovered vulnerabilities by creating detailed reports (including a description of possible risks and recommendations on fixing vulnerabilities)
Supporting the process of fixing vulnerabilities and participating in the development of control mechanisms for creating secure code
Continuous communication with the client to clarify the necessary details and tasks
Actively participating in all areas of the company's security department (researching new vulnerabilities, developing auxiliary programs, participating in conferences, etc.)
Контакты:Тамара Змиевская