Director of Engineering

Дата:20 Сентября
Квалификация:Exceptional leadership skills and proven track record in building highly functional teams
Significant managerial experience, leading managers
Passionate about technology
Have great hunger for success and for building fantastic products and services
Proven experience as senior lead/architect with extensive practice in software design, architecture, engineering process optimization, performance optimization, and quality control of high volume real-time systems
Extensive experience with database concepts and optimizations
Excellent understanding of software design principles, software development methodologies, and product delivery
Business acumen and product orientation
Experience from i-gaming/gaming industry
Fluency in English
Fluency in Russian is a big plus
Задачи:Leading all aspects of technology and all the tech leads (Backend, frontend, game dev, DevOps, and QA teams)
Setting the required leadership behaviours by being a true role model
Owning the entire engineering operation and find ways to help the teams work more efficiently, improve communications and processes
Foster innovation in problem-solving
Establish the company’s technical vision
Shaping the development cadence and resources to meet the strategy and product needs
The final decision maker in all development and engineering matters
Closely collaborate with stakeholders from Business, Product, Project, HR, Compliance, and Delivery units
Working closely with Product managers to ensure good product discovery processes and product delivery are in place to increase quality and timely delivery
Working closely with Project managers to help with planning, resource allocation, budget, and risks analysis
Working closely with delivery manager to optimize the delivery process, build tools and services to support the needs of the delivery unit
Taking an active part in software design, selection of technology stacks, development tools, cost analysis, etc
Setting the standards for code quality, automation, quality assurance, performance, scaling, and robustness of the system and apply proper engineering principles and practices