Аналитик кибербезопасности / Cloud security Analyst

Дата:16 Ноября
Квалификация:• anti-virus systems;

• Firewalls of a new generation (Fortigate, Paloalto, Checkpoint);

• Web Application Firewalls (Cloudflare, Akamai, Imperva);

• Security incident and event management systems (FortiSIEM, ArcSight, Splunk);

• Data loss prevention systems;

• Experience working with public clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.) and their security systems, for example Microsoft 365 Security;

• Experience with standards and recommendations ISO27000, NIST, CIS;

• Knowledge of modern tactics and attack vectors and how to use them (OWASP TOP10, CVE, MITER ATT & CK, Cyber Kill Chain);

• Experience in administration and work with Linux / Windows servers and network equipment;

• Knowledge of foreign languages - English is mandatory at the level of oral communication and reading technical documentation.
Задачи:• Implementation and administration of security tools in the "clouds" and "on the ground";

• Development and implementation of metrics for compliance with IT product standards;

• Analysis of current protective equipment and development of measures to improve them;

• Continuous improvement and enhancement of systems security;

• Joint development and implementation of a cybersecurity strategy;

• Joint development of technical specifications for information systems, their secure configuration;

• Conducting investigations into information security incidents;

• Participation in projects for the development and implementation of solutions in terms of IT security / cybersecurity;

• Development of reports on the effectiveness and results of the direction.

+38 (067) 613 - 61 - 88 (viber)