Cyber Security – Senior Ethical Hacker

Дата:22 Ноября
Квалификация:The candidate must demonstrate competence in information systems, autonomy in information searching and new systems, and languages and protocols autonomous learning skills.
The candidate must already be familiar with the use of Windows operating systems and know Linux-like systems at least on a theoretical level.
The candidate must know the basics of programming, operating systems, and networking. It will also need to know the basics of the HTTP protocol, the port concept, and the ISO/OSI model.
The candidate must know the basic level concept of:
Programming (Python, Bash, Ruby, etc.)
Risk principle, CIA proprieties, Cybersec main threats, and mitigation
Concept of vulnerability, Patching, and 0day
Infrastructure principle e main devices
Web Application Pentest principles (OWASP)
Mobile Pentest principle
System hardening
Deep/Dark web, principles and knowledge
Virtual environment (ESXi, VirtualBox, OpenStack, HyperV, etc.)
Cloud principle
Задачи:Moreover, the following skills are appreciated but not strictly necessary:
Log Analysis capabilities
Know the main Cybersec solutions
Know what EDR, XDR, SIEM, SOAR are and experience with them
Know the MITRE Framework
Know the Killchain steps
Aptitudes: the candidate must have a strong passion and interest in cybersecurity.
Foreign languages: good knowledge of spoken and written English.
Soft skill: good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, motivation, determination to achieve results, positive mental approach, ability to program, planning and analysis skills.

Plus: cyber security certification(s).
Контакты:Заєць Ірина