CTO (Chief technical officer) Cloudfresh Киев

Дата:22 Апреля

- higher: technical, engineering or IT


- Experience in Solution Architect, Senior Technical Consultant, team lead or CTO - from 2 years

- Experience in building flexible and scalable architecture

- experience in building a solution architecture;


- Solution architecture, Software development, API integration & development, IT infrastructure management

- Availability of one or few Google Cloud Professional certifications: Google Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.

- English – Advanced.

Задачи:— Technical Pre Sale/negotiations with customers (consultations on GCP products, Zendesk integrations);

— Projects evaluation for the offer preparation (resources, timeline, cost...);

— Building a solution architecture;

— Solution / Product Development for customers;

— Solution / Product Development for Cloudfresh ;

— Maintenance and improvement of Cloudfresh IT infrastructure;

— Obtaining technical certificates;

— Participation in online and offline Cloudfresh events;

— Offer, search and implement solutions for automating Cloudfresh business processes;

— Search for resources for product development;

— Form and lead a technical team;

— Definition of general strategies for technical development;

— Adoption of global technical solutions;

— Selection of technologies to be used in a particular project;

— Evaluation of these technologies in terms of financial and time costs;

— Estimation of the duration and complexity of projects;

— Planning and construction of development processes;

— Expert proposals on architecture or specific technical solutions;

— Writing code, code reviews, refactoring;

— Management of technical risks on projects;

— Communication with other departments and top managers of the company (CEO, Head of Sales, CPO, etc.);

— Technical interviews with new employees;

— Maintenance of technical and project documentation.