Дата:27 Мая
Работодатель:BI Systems
Город:Другие страны
Квалификация:DEC or BAC in information technology;
More or less five (5) of experience in a similar position;
Mastery of PC, Windows, Mac and Linux environments;
Proficiency in various database programming languages.
Personal Skills

Honesty and integrity;
Creative and problem-solving mindset;
Good interpersonal communication;
Leadership and sense of responsibility;
Analytical mind;
Autonomy and good stress management.
Задачи:The IT department supervisor is responsible for the quality of the IT service and the development of aspects related to the smooth running of the system and the services under his responsibility. He also oversees the management and planning of IT department activities and projects, as well as the management of the IT work team. He is also responsible for informing, supporting and mobilising the members of his team.

Supervise and coordinate the weekly work of the computer maintenance technician and programmers;
Manage the technological park;
Be responsible for studies and suggestions for investments in the computer system;
Be responsible for setting up IT procedures;
Be responsible for the programming and administration of the network, as well as the various internal software;
Coordinate suppliers and monitor and respect external service agreements;
Be responsible for the analysis and management of needs for the various projects concerning the purchase of equipment;
Act as project manager, architect, analyst and programmer for programming and software development projects;
Establish training needs and ensure the development and evaluation of staff in his department;
Lead daily meetings with team members;
Repair of equipment, repair to rectify faults, replacement and repair of cables, replacement of computer components;
Preparing and installing network software;
Diagnose and troubleshoot faulty component issues;
Maintenance of data communication networks;
Add security points;
Network Architecture.