Senior Security Engineer (SK-973)

Дата:1 Июня
Работодатель:Skelia Ukraine
Квалификация:Deep experience in designing secure, highly available, distributed applications and, in secure coding practices in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment
Experience with information security standards & practices and their practical implications
Deep automation skills, hands-on with some programming languages
Good experience with CI/CD, preferably Gitlab CI
Ability to design, build, test, and deploy applications on AWS
Customer centric, passionate about delivering great digital products and services
Demonstrating true software craftsmanship mindset
Passionate about continuous improvement, collaboration and great teams
Compelling coaching and training skills for imparting professional software engineering skills
Strong problem-solving skills coupled with good communication skills
Understanding of social and ethical implications of software engineering
Open minded, inquisitive, life-long learner
Comfortable with ambiguity, highly autonomous
Задачи:You will create software products that are secure by default and ensure information security is considered throughout the design and implementation of software products and services
You work alongside engineering teams to understand the threat landscape, and business requirements and to describe security risks and goals
You provide your team with tooling and automation to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities before they are promoted to production
You tackle the whole cycle of designing, building, testing and deploying software on AWS
You take an engineering approach to solving security problems, selecting and guiding teams to use the right tools for the right jobs and thus solve the given business and technical problems in an efficient way
You also will research, evaluate and test new approaches, processes and tools and help teams to use them effectively
You regularly coach, guide, and develop more junior colleagues