Google Cloud Technical Lead

Дата:29 Июня
Квалификация:Availability of one or few Google Cloud Professional certifications: Google Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.
Experience in Solution Architect, Senior Technical Consultant, team lead or CTO — from 2 years;
Experience in building, designing, developing, and managing solutions to drive business objectives. Based on Google Cloud Platform;
Experience in Team or Project management;
Задачи:Pre-Sales: Provide leadership and clarity of vision to customers in the pre-sales process. Support our Sales People to qualify customer needs and create high-quality offers and SOWs in a timely manner for customer opportunities.
Implementation & CSAT: Have accountability for the quality of High Level Design (HLDs) and close collaboration with the deployment team. Build a solution architecture; Do the Solution / Product Development for customers and Cloudfresh; Maintain and improve Cloudfresh infrastructure; Estimate the duration and complexity of projects; You will be o the hook for the technical / design success of all GCP projects and GCP deployments.
Learning & Development: Ensure your team members have appropriate assets, skills, and support.
Form and lead a technical team;
Define a strategy for technical development;
Obtain technical certificates.