Security Manager

Дата:15 Июля
Город:Medicos del Mundo
Квалификация:Support the General Coordinator, Logistic Coordinator and Field Coordinators in the overall management of security in the programme through the collection and dissemination of relevant security information.
Provide regular, concise, and clear verbal and written security updates to General Coordinator and HQ Security focal points
Ensure security information is stored in accessible electronic and paper systems.
Participate, and represent MDM, in Ukraine based security information networks and other forums (INSO, CIMIC, HAT).
Задачи:Update and ensure the existence of a functioning and updated security management documentations included in the Security Plan, including:
Context analysis (internal & external), including incident maps, stakeholder analysis, review of existing security management arrangements, risk analysis.
Scenario planning, including recommendations on appropriate interventions (programme objectives, scope, outputs, based on judgements about access and security risk), capacity needs for scenarios (training, resources, infrastructure) and evacuation.
Develop and adapt Standard Operational Procedures required for the Emergency Response evolution, such as Cross-Boarding, Shelter, Access and negotiation and communication procedures.
Security assessment of Supply Chain operations from logistic Hubs to final destinations.
Follow-up on delocalized staff and ensure security recommendations and assessments are shared with them prior to new delocalization’s decisions done by individuals.
Monitor the security situation in all programme areas in Ukraine, in liaison with key internal and external sources; conduct/monitor daily security checks and provide analysis as necessary; make recommendations for appropriate action by coordination team.
Security assessment of MDM facilities in new areas of operation (office, warehouse, logistic hubs)
Develop a process for security and safety improvements and requirements and track timeframes for implementation, in line with available donor funds, and in coordination with the HQ Security Focal points, Logistic Coordinator and General Coordinator
Provide timely and practical security information to General Coordinator and Logistic Coordinator in general which includes analysis and identifying of key security aspects, implications on access (present and future) and possible impacts on organizational programming and reputation.
Undertake site/area assessments as well as security risk assessments and facilitate the implementation of corresponding mitigation measures.
Support coordinators to implement agreed security procedures, ensuring that all staff are familiar with and adhere to the policy and procedures of MDM and are informed of changes in security levels or procedures.
Review and make recommendations on procedures related to international and national staff movement in-country
Support the General Coordinator and Logistic Coordinator to monitor the implementation of the Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), crisis plans, evacuation procedures, and security briefings, helping in their updating as instructed by the General Coordinator.
Author monthly security reports with contextual evidence of changes in patterns and trends that may affect operations and disseminate to relevant people.
Give effective and accurate security briefings for existing staff, all new staff and visitors
Ensure all process and procedures related to administration, communication and transport are in place to facilitate good security management.
Develop and facilitate good relations with key stakeholders such as INSO, among others
Liaise with relevant security authorities in ensuring MDM fulfils security-related regulations such as obtaining necessary clearance letters.
Analyse physical structures within base locations in relation to security procedures and implement, with the assistance of relevant staff, amendments to structures and procedures
Collate yearly budget cost for submission to the General Coordinator to ensure all locations are as per MOSS standards
Conduct quarterly site security assessments to ensure compliance of security standards
Manage guard force if engaged internally or externally
Any additional security-related duties as determined by the General Coordinator and HQ Security Focal Point