Safety and Security Manger

Дата:29 Июля
Работодатель:CARE Ukraine CARE
Квалификация:Selection Criteria


Required: relevant bachelor's degree
Desired: Recognized certificate in Safety & Security management.
Desired: Recognized certificate in training of trainer.
Experience, Skills, and Core Competencies

At least two-year work experience in safety & security management.
At least two-year experience in working in complex and hazardous environments.
Fluency in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
Flexible and committed to CARE standards of work
Demonstrated experience with report writing.
Demonstrated experience in leading teams and supervising staff.
Proficiency in MS Office application particularly Excel, outlook, and Word.
Задачи:Planning and Preparation
The Safety & Security Manager will be responsible for:

Developing and maintaining a strong contextual understanding of the areas of operations in close and near constant consultation with the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager, with a specific attention to original, accurate and detailed information sources in the languages used by the parties in the region ; namely Ukrainian and Russian.
Monitoring the security environment in operational areas, updating situation and risk assessments on a daily basis, assuring the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager are informed in real time of current and emerging safety and security trends, threats, risks and CARE Ukraine proposed risk mitigating measures.
Supporting the development of a safety and security culture among all CARE staff and those of CARE partner organizations in Ukraine, supported and reinforced by the Safety Risk Assessments and Safety & Security Management Plan (SSMP).
Liaising with relevant government agencies, law enforcement, military and, where needed, commercial security providers, to ensure that CARE staff can maintain access to program areas within limits of acceptable risks.
Ensuring that security planning becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations and is integrated into the development of future programs.
Assisting the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager in updating and maintaining the Country Office's SSMP, using the CARE International template.
Assuring that all CARE functions and facilities are included in the plan and the plan is kept current to any changes.
Assisting the CO Incident/Crisis Management Team to plan and prepare for major safety and security events and critical incidents.
Supporting the CD and S&SM in conducting safety & security management trainings as required and in accordance with CARE policies and procedures.
Assisting in the selection and development of a network of safety & Security management focal points (RMFPs) in every operational location where CARE has a base,
Participating in the selection of protection services and other outsourced security risk management support, as required, and ensuring that adequate training and support is provided.
Working with the CARE Ukraine program department and, where appropriate, partner staff in development of new projects to help develop projects that are designed to have built in risk mitigation.
Assisting with the strategic and operational analysis and assessments, and with the refinement of program strategies.
Performing safety & security risk assessments or evaluation missions in the field and regularly review safety and security procedures.
Assuring that CARE Ukraine is meeting appropriate safety & security standards and complying with policies and procedures, fit for CARE International S&S audits.
2.Security Management

2.1 Prevention

Developing and regularly updating the Safety and Security Management Plan and tools in accordance with the nature of safety and security risks (inc. detailed threat assessments, security protocols, standard operating procedures for personal movement & transport, office, warehouse, tele/radio communications, incident report sheets, and assets protection).
Developing appropriate safety and security protocols depending on the nature of specific threats and risks.
Ensuring safety and security dimensions are factored into all operational activities such as programming (including budget), advocacy and communication.
Assisting managers improving standards in relation to safety and security.
Coordinating with Human Resources Manager/ Administrator to ensure field staff know how to identify health risks in Ukraine and the region, how to protect against illness, injury, and stress, and how to obtain proper support or medical treatment.
Working with administrative / logistics staff to ensure appropriate steps are taken to safeguard office premises, equipment, and residential property (guards, locks, lighting, alarms, and fire equipment).
Developing a network of contacts among national and regional actors to facilitate CARE work and enhance the security of its operations.
Representing CARE Ukraine Safety & Security and coordinate among all actors (state, military, INGOs, and other organizations) on all matters pertaining to safety and security.
Organizing and circulating relevant safety and security information to the staff and provide an opportunity for employees to voice Safety and/or Security-related concerns.
Contributing to the security of humanitarian community by sharing relevant security related information
Ensuring timely and accurate reporting of safety and security incidents.
Coordinating training in safety & security, ensuring that staff have the necessary equipment and are trained accordingly.
Ensuring that project proposals and operational plans budgets include safety and security plans.
Ensuring that all incoming visitors receive a security briefing and information.
Ensuring all staff understand and fulfill individual and collective responsibilities for safety and security.
Supervising and enforcing (including disciplinary action where necessary) compliance safety and security standards and procedures.
2.2 Procedures and Protocols

The Safety & Security Manager is responsible for the management of threats and risks, in part through the effective implementation of SOPs and Contingency Plans, and provide the following services:

Briefing all new staff to operational area on national and regional security conditions and protocols.
Maintaining high levels of oversight for all staff physical security issues at offices and accommodation.
Overseeing the maintenance of staff contact lists and the security information trees.
Under the supervision and authority of the CD and SSM, disseminate security flash alerts and advisories to staff and partners as and when required.
Reporting events and personnel not respecting risk mitigation procedures or in security breaches to the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager.
Ensuring that effective communications are in place and that all staff members are adequately trained to use any equipment that is included in the SSMP, and that all staff members are capable of following communication protocols.
3. Support after an Incident or in a Crisis

The Safety & Security Manager is required to be a first responder for any safety or security incident involving CARE staff or assets in their operational areas. Responsibilities include:

Providing incident reports and analysis to the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager as required.
Assisting CD and S&SM to ensure contingency planning for major events and critical incidents is adequate, based on risk assessments.
Deploying at short notice to support operations in any CARE program area in Ukraine.
Supporting the Incident Management or Crisis Management Team(s) in the event of a major incident or in a time of crisis.
Assisting with emergency medical evacuations within the country office.
Assisting with emergency medical evacuations within the country office.
3.1 Reaction

Ensuring that an administrative structure is put in place to effectively deal with crisis management
Developing contingency plans for incidents management events such as:
Accidents, ambush, car hijacking, among other incidents affecting staff.
Severe injuries and serious illness (hospitalization or medevac).
Unlawful arrest and detention.
Death of an employee.
Destruction of essential assets.
Train staff on contingency measures and ensure they know how to react.
Establish relocation and emergency evacuation plans.
3.2 Recovery and resumption of operations

Ensure that preparations are made to enable post incident counseling to be offered to staff who have been confronted to traumatic events.
Take the necessary measure to ensure post incident recovery and operation continuity.
Make the necessary arrangements to ensure resumption of critical processes, systems, and operations (alternate worksites, office storage, and remote control).
3.3 Review

Review periodically past experiences and practices and propose improvements based on analytical judgment.
4. Management and Capacity Development

The Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for:

Building capacity through training, coaching, and mentoring of CARE staff and Implementation Partners in accordance with implementation agreements and relevant CARE Code and Policies.
Ensuring that the Risk Assistants understand and can perform their role in an emergency context.
Ensuring the Risk Management Focal Point network is in place and trained to operate in pro-active risk management and reactive incident/crisis management situations.
Managing the performance of all staff under direct supervision through:
Effective use of the Performance Management System including the establishment of clear, measurable objectives, ongoing feedback, periodic reviews, and fair and unbiased evaluations.
Coaching, mentoring and other developmental opportunities.
Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance.
Documentation of performance that is less than satisfactory, with appropriate performance improvements/ work plans.
5. Reports and advisories

Preparing a weekly situation report for the Country Director and S&S Manager, and on an ad-hoc basis as required.
Completing reports as required by CD and/or S&SM.
Providing feedback to the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager on progress in respect to safety and security risk management actions and initiatives.
Ensuring that regular strategic risk assessments are conducted, and management informed of emerging trends and threats.
6. Other

The role of the Safety & Security Manager is not restricted to the above provisions, and he/she may be asked to perform other duties as directed by the Country Director and Safety & Security Manager.