Cyber Security Engineer / Lead

Дата:3 Августа
Квалификация:Relevant, Information Security and Information Technology knowledge. Applicants able to demonstrate this experience and knowledge, certifications will be considered as an advantage.
Microsoft Certifications focussed on security (e.g. Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate, Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate)
Experience with intelligence and disruption to identify and thwart external threats to the enterprise, executives and data across the public attack surface.
Technical knowledge in one or more of the following - Unix, AIX, Linux, Windows, Oracle, F5, WAF Cisco Palo Alto, Azure, AWS, Google;
Some experience in secure coding/scripting, examples include (HTML, Bash, Python, Java, Ruby, Powershell, PHP)
Experience in supporting Identity and Access Management suites and their enterprise implementation, including API security, RBAC, ABAC highly desirable
Experience of Nessus, Elk, Splunk, ELK, Kali, Nessus, Burp suite, Nipper and other security compliance tooling and their enterprise implementation.
Задачи:Enterprises protection, intelligence and disruption to identify and dismantle external threats
Developing a set of security standards and practices
Recommending security enhancements to management
Assisting with installation or processing of new security products and procedures
Watching out for irregular system behaviour
Supervising changes in software, hardware, and user needs
Reporting findings to management
Helping plan an organization’s information security strategy
Educating staff members on information security through training and awareness
Recommending modifications in legal, technical and regulatory areas
Initiate a standard (periodic) scans of networks to find vulnerabilities
Conducting scans of networks to find vulnerabilities, penetration testing etc.