Cybersecurity Analyst 15 000 — 58 000 ₴

Дата:5 Сентября
Квалификация:1+ year experience
Fluent English
Experience with Office 365 administration
Задачи:• Global IT security program support for Proof of Concepts (POCs), project, client test and roll-out, security tool monitoring.
• Support vulnerability testing, security services testing against multiple global client platforms
• Security operation support during EU and Americas business hours.
• Support global client configuration and assist with distribution
• Threat intelligence monitoring
• Monitor networks for security breaches, investing violations as occur
• Conduct EUC and network security simulation tests
• Review analyze security controls and measure.
• Mobile device management
• Anti-phishing monitoring
• SOC support
• End Point Security monitoring
• Network security monitoring
• Improve asset management.
• US working schedule