Security Officer

Дата:22 Декабря, 2022
Работодатель:HEKS / EPER Ukraine
Квалификация:Experience in security management in NGO sector or similar
2+ years of experience working in security related field (logistics, coordination, operations, security)
Intercultural awareness
Experience in information management and context analysis
Sound understanding of the country context
Ability to consolidate and analyse information from various sources and provide adequate reporting
Задачи:Security Information Management
Creates and maintains security network of contacts (NGOs, Embassies, Civil Society, etc.) in their area of intervention
Follows up on international, national and local media, OSINT
Systematically analyses security and context information and contributes to daily reports from the field
Ensures escalation of information to Area Security Manager and further to Country Security Coordinator and Country Director
Contributes to weekly, monthly, and annual security reporting related to the evolution of context and incidents.
Prepares drafts of relevant security alerts and warnings and submits them to the Area Security Manager for finalisation and dissemination
2. Networking and representation

Meets and informs local stakeholders to promote HEKS/EPER’s values and principles as part of the acceptance strategy
Organises and conducts security meetings at field level to ensure smooth field operation
Creates and maintains network of local contacts to stay informed and facilitate access and security for field teams
Ensures daily checks within his/her security network to feed into validation of daily movements and programme planning
3. Risk assessment and management

Contribute to compilation of risk matrix for the country office and regular risk assessment of premises, zones of intervention etc.
Proposes specific security rules for their areas of intervention to Area Security Manager
Ensures adherence to risk mitigation measures in the field
In case of incidents, prepare or support the preparation of incident reports. If requested by his line manager, s/he oversees the incident follow-up at field level.
Conducts security briefings and trainings for implementation teams in the field
4. Safety and Security Administration and Office Work

Conducts regular safety and security audits in field offices and all HEKS/EPER vehicles in his/her area of intervention to ensure all adequate equipment is in place
Ensures security assessment of all premises and operational areas if requested by Area Security Manager
Maintains security equipment in good shape and ensures expiration dates (if applicable) are monitored and stuff replaced in due course
Provides safety and security briefings to field staff and potential visitors and ensures they are trained on the use of relevant security equipment