Information Security Specialist

Дата:20 Июня
Работодатель:Development and Mobility Agency
Город:Інші країни
Квалификация:Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

Knowledge of information security, information technology and computer science.
Detailed knowledge of network and application security issues (knowledge of communication protocols TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, security network components – firewalls).
Detailed knowledge of creating firewall rules.
Knowledge of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
Basic overview in international standards ISO 2700x.
The ability to work fluently with professional text written in English.
Preferred Technical and Professional Experience:

Knowledge of the banking environment and knowledge of the PCI DSS security standards.
Possession of CCNP, CISSP, or SANS certificates.
Knowledge of KT methodology or other problem-solving methodology.
Possession of a certificate within the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) program.
Product certificates for safety technologies.
Preferred Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree
Задачи:Management and operation of security information technologies and systems.
Management of firewall rules at the “core” layer in the bank.
Management of the firewall solution in individual data centers.
Operation and management of a security segmented LAN.
Management of Network access control solutions.
Management of Network access at all levels and types (VPN, access, segments, WIFI) in the bank.
Basic management of Windows and Linux-like systems.
Management of processes and standards of the information security department.
Design, optimization and commenting on the security architecture of IT solutions.
Definition of network security architecture.
Implementation of security measures supported areas.
Assessing and proposing solutions to secure the bank’s IS with a focus on PCIDSS, but also other valid international standards and laws.
Elaboration of expert opinions on new changes in the IT infrastructure.
Cooperation in the detection, resolution, and prevention of security incidents.
Analysis of security configuration of systems, risks, and evaluation of technical weaknesses of systems.
Commenting of process and data models from the point of view of information security.