IDC Day Dnipro: Security & Cloud Roadshow IDC Day Dnipro: Security & Cloud Roadshow

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With ten years of tracking the 3rd Platform era and a collective 53 years of studying and analyzing the global IT industry, IDC has witnessed a number of transformative phases in the market, but none more so than the massive changes anticipated between next three years. During this period, transformation initiatives will shift into overdrive, that would lead to the development of a full-scaled DX economy.

This is the time when lines are drawn in the sand, separating industry laggards from digital natives that are able to harness the power of technology to trigger innovation and accelerate their business growth. The IDC Day Roadshow aims to help leading organizations across our region develop and refine their strategic plans.

Key Topics

Make It All Add Up: NextGen Security, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, AI, Big Data

Cloud Technologies

NextGen Security

Internet of Things

Big Data

Corporate Mobility

Artificial Intelligence