Вакансии ИТ

Information Security Expert

Дата:9 Января
Работодатель:Бизнес Уникум
Требования:• Plan Information Security architecture, from infrastructure to secure development
• Choose technologies, products, services and methods
• Execute diverse on-going security hardening improvements tasks. Like adding Firewall rules, testing the effect of new Intrusion prevention signatures, track the need for new security patches and much more
• Run troubleshooting processes to solve possibly security related issues and recommend correction steps and suggest future steps to avoid similar issues
• Monitor security and IT systems, analyze various systems logs, and recommend follow-up corrective actions
• Perform initial forensics of files and network packet capture
• The employee will report directly to the company CISO
Квалификация:• Reliable, honest person
• Has professional and serious attitude to work
• Realistic, aware of the need to balance between security measures and business smooth operation
• Can articulate the security needs and measures to a non-technical person, in a clear and convincing manner
• Striving to perfection and completing the assigned tasks
• Curious and looking to always evolve and contribute
• Willing to share knowledge and experience with colleagues
• Fast self-learner of new technologies, products and services

• Years of relevant, Information Security experience: At least last full 3 years, sequentially, working in full-time IS role
• Types of past employer organizations: Medium to large IT advanced firms, integrators, consulting, vendors
• Size of past employer organizations: The bigger — the better, working with/at organizations of 1000 computerized employees or more

Operating Systems:
Vendors and their products and features:
Information Security (following IS)
Operations (e.g. planning, upgrade, troubleshooting, architecture, etc.)
Strong and deep knowledge and experience in Windows (desktops and servers)
Linux knowledge and experience is a big advantage
Know to setup, maintain and troubleshoot VM environments and Hypervisors like VirtualBox, VMware ESXi
The OSI model
Ethernet — layers 1 and 2, Switching
TCP/IP (version 4) — IP addressing, subnetting, routing, TCP vs. UDP, Socket, session establishment and ending

Services and applications (Telnet, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, SSH, FTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, etc.)
Proxy, Proxy auto-config
Inside the OS networking setup and troubleshooting
Tools — Wireshark, Nmap, putty, WinSCP
Fortinet (Must) — Fortigate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiAuthenticator, FortiManager, FortiToken

ePolicy Orchestrator
Endpoint Security
DLP Endpoint
Endpoint Security Firewall
Microsoft (Must)

Windows (as mentioned above for OSes)
Active Directory
SQL Server
ForcePoint Email Security (Cloud)
Google G Suite, Business level
Cisco — Switches
Familiar with fundamental IS concepts and work methods

Authentication (OTP, hashing)
Deep understanding of Firewall and IPS concepts and daily operations
Web Application Firewall (WAF) way of work, planning and operating
Thorough understating of Windows internals and the ways antivirus products operate and their disadvantages
Familiarity with cryptography — symmetric / a-symmetric encryption, PKI, SSL/TLS, hashing
Experienced with hacking concepts, tools and work:

Passive and active reconnaissance (technical, social, business)
Route mapping
Port scanning
Preference to plan ahead towards avoiding issues — over troubleshooting them
Coding and scripting ability and experience are preferred
Strong troubleshooting capabilities — Spot missing data and collecting it, asking the correct questions, analyzing the data and drawing conclusions, suggesting various solutions and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
Proficiency in written and spoken English is a must!
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