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IT and Learning Technologies Manager, IT Director

Дата:14 Февраля
Работодатель:Британская международная школа
Требования:Carry out all reasonable tasks to ensure the smooth running and functioning of IT support, equipment and related facilities/services
Support the Principal and work in cooperation with the school leaders in delivering the vision for the future of the school; demonstrating inspirational team leadership and creativity.
Ensure the School Development Plan is implemented — with particular regards to actions for which he/she has a specific responsibility.
Provide leadership, development and management of the IT Team whilst ensuring adherence to the School’s Mission and Values
Model the highest professional behaviour and standards when working with students, parents, school personnel and visitors — serving as a role model and encouraging all staff to do the same.
Contribute as directed to the school site improvement process, taking account of the agreed priorities and how these links with BISU’s strategic and operational plans.
Support and maintain the school’s Google domain settings, including:
New user requests, group setup, class website/blog issues
Google Drive templates for teachers
Reviewing possible marketplace apps to enhance our Google usage
Integrating Google Apps as much as possible with other school IT systems, i.e. LMS, FireFly, ISAMS, GL, Follet Library software, iPads MDM.
Suggest IT solutions to education or admin problems.
Maintain an overview of the capabilities of the school’s ICT service and planning strategic continuous improvements in compliance with Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Model, Gartner Six Building Blocks for Creating Real IT Strategies, ITIL and ITSM to meet future needs.
Evaluating user needs and system functionality and ensuring that ICT facilities meet these needs.
Planning, developing and implementing the ICT budget, obtaining competitive prices from suppliers, to ensure cost effectiveness.
Managing and training the ICT support staff.
Scheduling upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems.
Researching and installing new systems.
Ensuring the smooth running of all ICT systems, including anti-virus software, print services and email provision.
Ensure that policies and procedures are prepared and documented and are recorded in the appropriate places e.g. school website, server and handbooks etc.
Ensuring that software licensing laws, health and safety policies are executed.
Ensuring the security of personal and company data from internal and external attack.
Providing users with appropriate support and advice or organising the support.
Managing crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems.
Assist with maintaining a software library including licence documentation and copies of agreements.
Maintaining the school website.
Organisation of a monthly hardware inventory.
Preventive maintenance of computers, electronic devices and other equipment.
Keeping up to date with the latest technologies.
Providing secure access to the internet network.
Overseeing the installation and monitoring of network printers.
Ensure smooth operation of local and wireless networks.
Overseeing the installation of software across the network and ensuring that software works for all relevant network users.
Квалификация:Actively liaise with the Head of Computer Science and Technology Engagement to involve students and teachers in the exploration, understanding and application of computer science concepts and IT software and equipment
Lead the implementation of performance appraisal programmes as required by school policy
Have responsibility for the welfare and professionalism of the IT Team
Ensure a positive school ethos is created within IT Team, in which every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Develop collaborative approaches work
Liaise with HR and oversee the induction of staff new to the school
Set high expectations for the performance of self and of others
Liaise with the Principal in matters related to financial planning and fiscal management strategies to support the school’s development plans
Maintain up to date on matters related to the role through personal and professional research, reading and training.
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